TMS is able to painlessly revitalize areas of the brain responsible for mood control and improve communication within the central nervous system.

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Depression affects millions of people all over the world, often resulting in a loss of interest in everyday activities as well as persistent sadness. At TMS Therapy Radcliff, we help patients better manage their depression and mood disorders in a safe and controlled environment using targeted magnetic pulses. If you’re not getting the relief you need from traditional forms of depression treatment, TMS Therapy Radcliff may be able to offer you an effective alternative option.

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“The folks here are great and coming in every day for 6 weeks seems like such a daunting task but I even started to look forward to it. The process had a lot of ups and downs, the first appointment they needed to make my hand twitch, and the appointments after that for about a week made my eye twitch! For me personally, there were ups and downs in the intensity of my depression throughout the process, but after the last week it was like a light switch was flipped and I felt so much better! The quality of care here is amazing and the techs were willing to talk to me every day and make sure I was okay. I’d recommend this place to anyone having difficulty with their medication and whose talk therapy isn’t helping their depression.”

K. Herlihy, Louisville, KY

“The chats are amazing they staff make the 18.5 minutes not as dreadful as it would seem, plus they are patient with the neck problems I’m currently having so I end up twitching and they readjust it no complaints. So far I’ve been receiving treatments for around 3 weeks and have noticed a big difference! Prior I wouldn’t even have the motivation to get out of bed and since I started this I’ve noticed a difference and so have my peers.”

Rziche, Louisville, KY

“My mother suffers from severe depression and anxiety. After the weight of these disorders became too much to handle and she had multiple hospitalizations, our family collectively decided to seek out available options to treat her. We discovered TMS therapy and researched options close to our home in southwest Indiana. After failed attempts to obtain treatment with closer options, my mother felt that she had to opt for ECT, along with all of the side effects, until we got in contact with TMS of Louisville. The staff was overwhelmingly compassionate and worked tirelessly to ensure that my mother could begin treatment. She began her treatment and did not have any side effects. TMS of Louisville has saved my mother’s life when medication didn’t seem to be enough. She enjoyed her time with the staff as they truly care for the individuals that they treat. If you are seeing this review and are unsure of whether to pursue TMS of Louisville as a treatment option, please don’t wait. This is an amazing treatment that can also change your life like it changed my mother’s.”

M. Kelley, Louisville, KY

“Ashley and her staff are wonderful to work with. TMS treatment is working extremely well. The treatment is now FDA approved and they accept insurance. If you have treatment-resistant depression I would highly recommend.”

C. Good, Louisville, KY

“I am almost 60 years old and have struggled with depression for most of my adult life. My psychiatrist mentioned TMS Therapy to me several times, but it sounded strange to me and I was very skeptical. But in February of 2019, my depression put me in an unusually dark place. In March, I visited my psychiatrist and told him how I was feeling. After talking with him, I decided to go forward with TMS Therapy. I began to gradually have more energy and motivation to do little things around the house. I eventually started interacting with friends and family again. It has been five months since I finished my TMS Therapy, and I continue to enjoy life. A weight has been lifted off of me.”

T. Parks, Louisville, KY

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